• A Pastoral Pair by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000511


    Height: 7.5  Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 243, Fig 2099/2100


    Price: £150.00


    A pair of figures of a boy and girl seated on tree stumps on coloured circular bases. He is holding a bird aloft in his left hand and a nest in his right, wearing an open necked shirt, waistcoat, jacket and rumpled knee breeches. She wears a bodice and skirt with an apron. She holds fruit in her left hand and her right rests on a basket of fruit that is on her lap.



  • A Fine Figure of a Fisherman with his Net and Catch

    Stock No: 000491


    Height: 14 Inches / 36 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 195, Fig a2132A


    Price: £250.00


    A very fine large fisherman stands with his left hand resting on a basket full of his catch. He has a large fishing net over his left shoulder and through his right arm.

  • A Fine Standing Cricket Bowler

    Stock No: 000631


    Height: 14 Inches /36 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 289, Fig 3303


    Price: £880.00


    A standing figure of a cricketer, the bowler seen here holding a ball in his right hand, his other arm is across his chest and is dressed in flat cap, shirt with tie, trousers, a wicket is to his left and a bat leans against it, he has a belt around his waist and a coat stands to his side.

  • A miniature soldier

    Stock no: 000359


    Height: 5″ Inches / 13 cm


    Reference: Harding second addendum page 71 fig 930A


    Price: £75.00


    A miniature soldier of the British Volunteer Corps but often mistaken for a US confederate soldier of the Civil War period.

  • A Pair of Children with Lambs on the backs of Lions

    Stock No: 000304


    Height: 5″ Inches/ 13 cm


    Reference: A. N. Harding book 2, page 169, figs 2385/2386


    Price: £250.00


    A pair of well coloured figures of lions with children holding wreaths above their heads sitting on the lions backs. Harding lists these figures as scarse .

  • A Prattware Pottery Watch Stand

    Stock No: 000711


    Height:  11.5 Inches/ 29 cm


    Reference: John & Griselda Lewis Pratt Ware 1780-1840, Page 104, Fig 64


    Price: £950.00


    An underglaze coloured watch stand in the form of a long case clock, decorated in relief with small groups of classical figures, coloured in yellow, puce, red, green and blue. The central figure is framed in a border of stiff leaves painted in shades of green an red. The tall clock is flanked by the figures of children wearing red drapery. The figures each side of the clock lean on raised pedestals. The flat rectangular base plate is sponged in red and brown. Interestingly there are two pierced holes from manufacture to the front of the base, it is thought that their intention was to enable the piece to be fixed with screws to the top of a mantle shelf.

  • A Rare Alpha Figure of Boys Nesting

    Stock No: 000490


    Height: 6.5 Inches / 17 cm


    Reference: Possibly unrecorded


    Price: £200.00


    An unusual Alpha figure of two boys play fighting over an upturned hat with two birds inside.

  • A Staffordshire figure of an organ with a dog lying beneath

    Stock no: 000365


    Height: 9.5″ / 24 cm


    Reference: Harding book 2 page 45 fig 1781


    Price; £350.00


    An unusual figure of an organ with a black and white dog lying beneath it surmounted by shells and an angel forming a stoop or a watch holder.Please note that stock no: is a similar and matching figure.

  • A Staffordshire School House

    Stock No: 000409


    Height: 7.25 Inches / 18.5 cm


    Reference: Staffordshire Pottery (The Tribal Art of England) Anthony Oliver, Page 108, Fig 145


    Price: £150.00


    A rare titled Staffordshire figure of a school house in lovely condition.

  • A Standing Man Titled Gin & Water

    Stock No: 000319


    Height: 9 inches/ 23 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 50, Fig 1805


    Price: £225.00


    A figure of Gin and Water. A double sided figure of a man standing on a titled circular gilt lined base with black indented capitals, one side depicting a drunkard in torn shabby clothes the other a well-dressed gentleman holding a full moneybag. This figure is quite common but difficult to find in good condition. It was reproduced by the Kent factory from 1890, this example was made c1850’s.

  • A very fine miniature pastoral couple by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000485


    Height: 2.75 Inches/ 7 cm


    Price: £90.00




    A very diminuative pair of Thomas Parr figures of a gent in a green coat and a lady wearing a bonnet, both seated on grassy mounds.



  • An Equestrian Pair of Musicians

    Stock No: 000473


    Height: 11.5 Inches / 29 cms


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 411 figs 1650/1651


    Price: £150.00


    A fine well coloured equestrian pair of figures. Boy and girl musicians on horseback. He is holding a set of bagpipes in both hands, wearing a glued hat, scar, tunic, kilt and sporran. To the right she  can be seen with her left arm raised to her head holding a tambourine, her right arm on her chest, wearing a bodice, scarf and skirt.