• A Pastoral Pair by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000511


    Height: 7.5  Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 243, Fig 2099/2100


    Price: £150.00


    A pair of figures of a boy and girl seated on tree stumps on coloured circular bases. He is holding a bird aloft in his left hand and a nest in his right, wearing an open necked shirt, waistcoat, jacket and rumpled knee breeches. She wears a bodice and skirt with an apron. She holds fruit in her left hand and her right rests on a basket of fruit that is on her lap.



  • A Couple of Actors under an Umbrella

    Stock No: 000545


    Height: 7.5 Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 384, Fig 1498


    Price: £220.00


    A rare group figure of dancing actors under an umbrella. A man and woman stand on a circular gilt lined base with an umbrella above, her hand holds his, she is wearing a low cut full length dress, he standing behind with his right hand holding the umbrella, his left hand holding hers, wearing a plumbed hat, cloak, doublet, and stockings, it would appear they are dancing. In excellent condition.


  • A Courting Couple

    Stock no: 000349


    Height: 9.5  Inches / 24 cm




    Price: £100.00


    A gilt and white figure of a courting couple under a tree spill vase.

  • A Courting Couple

    Stock No:000351


    Height: 11 Inches / 28 cm




    Price: £100.00


    A gilt and white figure of a courting couple on a rococco base.

  • A Dairy Maid

    Stock No: 000058


    Height: 6.75 inches/17.1cm


    Reference: Apparently unrecorded.


    Price: £150.00


    A very pretty figure of a dairy maid churning butter

  • A Delightful Pearlware Cow & Calf on a Grassy Mound

    Stock No: 000629


    Height: 5.5 Inches / 14.5 cms 


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840 Vol 3, Page 57, Fig 118.67


    Price: £395.00 


    A  delightful pearlware cow and calf before a decorated bocage both on a grassy mound . 


  • A Delightful Pearlware Figure of a Lady Gardener

    Stock No: 000547


    Height: 6.75 Inches / 17 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840, Volume 1, Page 60, Fig 24.53


    Price: £395.00


    A good early pearlware figure of a lady gardener with original bocage. Although unmarked, this figure could possibly be attributed to Salt. Good provenance; Oliver Sutton label to the underside. In very good condition.

  • RTS Antiques | Rare Staffordshire Pottery Figures | Pottery Figures

    A Delightful Pearlware Figure of The Tithe Pig Group

    Stock No: 000514


    Height: 8.5 Inches / 20 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne, Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Vol 2, Page 255, Fig 108.39


    Price: £495.00


    An early pearlware figure of The Tithe pig group, with spill vase.

  • A Delightful Pearlware Figure Putti with a Basket

    Stock No: 000571


    Height: 4.5 Inches / 11 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne, Holding the Past, Page 309, possible pair to Fig 316 far right.


    Price: £375.00


    A good early pearlware figure of Putti standing with a basket of flowers, lead glazed earthenware with enamel decoration, probably made by Enoch Wood c. 1820. Just the most cutest face you will ever see.

  • A Delightful Pearlware Sheep Signed H.S

    Stock No: 000642


    Height: 4 Inches /10 cms 


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840 Vol 3, Page 200, Fig 131.56


    Price: £400.00 


    A delightful Pearlware figure of a Ewe standing before a flower encrusted bocage . Interestingly signed on the back of the sheep HS or HF. Probably made by Enoch Wood


  • A Dudson miniature pair of an old Couple

    Stock No: 000220


    Height: 2.75″/ 7cm


    Apparently unrecorded


    Price: £150.00


    A finely modelled pair of an elderly man and his companion. Very well coloured

  • A Fabulous Pearlware Figure of a Girl Reading

    Stock No: 000648


    Height: 6.25 Inches/16 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Vol 1, Page 91, Fig 25.22


    Price: Reserved


    A lovely pearlware figure of a girl reading a book, with bocage. Probably made by Dale.