• A Pastoral Pair by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000511


    Height: 7.5 ” Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 243, Fig 2099/2100


    Price: £180.00


    A pair of figures of a boy and girl seated on tree stumps on coloured circular bases. He is holding a bird aloft in his left hand and a nest in his right, wearing an open necked shirt, waistcoat, jacket and rumpled knee breeches. She wears a bodice and skirt with an apron. She holds fruit in her left hand and her right rests on a basket of fruit that is on her lap.



  • A Couple of Actors under an Umbrella

    Stock No: 000545


    Height: 7.5″ Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 384, Fig 1498


    Price: £220.00


    A rare group figure of dancing actors under an umbrella. A man and woman stand on a circular gilt lined base with an umbrella above, her hand holds his, she is wearing a low cut full length dress, he standing behind with his right hand holding the umbrella, his left hand holding hers, wearing a plumbed hat, cloak, doublet, and stockings, it would appear they are dancing. In excellent condition.


  • A courting Couple

    Stock no: 000349


    Height: 9.5″ Inches / 24 cm




    Price; £100.00


    A gilt and white figure of a courting couple under a tree spill vase.

  • A courting couple

    Stock No:000351


    Height: 11″ Inches / 28 cm




    Price: £100.00


    A gilt and white figure of a courting couple on a rococco base.

  • A Dairy Maid

    Stock No: 000058


    Height: 6.75 inches/17.1cm


    Reference: Apparently unrecorded.


    Price: £150.00


    A very pretty figure of a dairy maid churning butter

  • A Delightful Pearlware Chimney Sweep

    Stock No: 000567


    Height: 7″ Inches / 18 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840, Volume 1, Page 247, Fig 29.49


    Price: £495.00


    A good early pearlware figure of a Chimney sweep c1820. Here a young man stands with a flat cap in dirty cloths with his arms crossed as if to keep warm, wearing overcoat, baggy shirt and trousers, a bag of soot to his side and brush at his feet. This figure was first manufactured to represent winter and was adapted to portray several different subjects. Examples with marks to the base “5”, “6” or “74” have been attributed to Ralph Wood.

  • A Dudson miniature pair of an old Couple

    Stock No: 000220


    Height: 2.75″/ 7cm


    Apparently unrecorded


    Price: £150.00


    A finely modelled pair of an elderly man and his companion. Very well coloured

  • A Fine Figure of a Fisherman with his Net and Catch

    Stock No: 000491


    Height: 14″ Inches / 36 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 195, Fig a2132A


    Price: £250.00


    A very fine large fisherman stands with his left hand resting on a basket full of his catch. He has a large fishing net over his left shoulder and through his right arm.

  • A Fisherman and fisherwoman

    Stock no : 000376


    Height: 8″ Inches / 20 cm


    Reference: No reference as these figure are probably either scottish or yorkshire made.


    Price: £120.00


    A pair of figures of a fisherman and his wife or companion decorated in sponged underglaze blue, green, pink and white.


  • A fisherman and his family in a boat

    Stock No: 000381


    Height: 11″ Inches / 28 cm




    Price: £180.00


    A very nice figure of a fisherman and his wife and child in a fishing boat with a whicker basket full of their catch of fish .

  • A Group Figure of a Dickensian Theatrical Couple

    Stock no: 000442


    Height: 7.75″ Inches / 20 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 374, Fig 1443


    Price: £185.00


    A fine group figure of a Dickensian dressed theatrical couple in full Staffordshire colour at its finest. A woman and man standing on an oval gilt lined base, her right arm resting on her hip, her left holding the hand of the man. She is wearing a split bodice, long dress and apron. The man, his right arm around her shoulder, his left holding her hand. He is wearing a long jacket, neckerchief and trousers. In fantastic condition.

  • A Group Figure of a Theatrical Couple

    Stock no: 000453


    Height: 10″ Inches / 26 cm


    Reference: Not yet found


    Price: £120.00


    A fine group figure of a theatrical couple full of Staffordshire colour at its finest