Theatrical or Literary

  • A rare Standing Figure Helen Macgregor

    Stock No: 000493


    Height: 9.25 Inches / 24 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 282, Fig 1034


    Price: £250.00


    A fine figure of Mrs. Egerton as Helen Macgregor.

  • A Bloomer

    Stock No: 00008


    Height: 9.5 inches/24.1cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 349 fig 1315


    Price: £350.00


    A standing Bloomer holding a cigar

  • A Bloomer

    Stock No: 00009


    Height: 8.75 inches/22.2cm


    Reference: Harding book 1 page 349 fig 1317


    Price: £250.00


    A standing Bloomer

  • A Boy with triangle (Gringoire)

    Stock No: 000305


    Height: 9.5″ Inches/ 24 cm


    Reference: A. N. Harding book 1, page 343, figs 1295


    Price: £75.00


    A Figure of Perrot as Gringoire in La Esmeralda Jules Perrots ballet
    performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London on the 9th March 1844. This figure pairs with a figure of Esmeralda ( Harding 1294 )

  • A Couple of Actors under an Umbrella

    Stock No: 000545


    Height: 7.5 Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 384, Fig 1498


    Price: £220.00


    A rare group figure of dancing actors under an umbrella. A man and woman stand on a circular gilt lined base with an umbrella above, her hand holds his, she is wearing a low cut full length dress, he standing behind with his right hand holding the umbrella, his left hand holding hers, wearing a plumbed hat, cloak, doublet, and stockings, it would appear they are dancing. In excellent condition.


  • A Group Figure of a Dickensian Theatrical Couple

    Stock no: 000442


    Height: 7.75″ Inches / 20 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 374, Fig 1443


    Price: £185.00


    A fine group figure of a Dickensian dressed theatrical couple in full Staffordshire colour at its finest. A woman and man standing on an oval gilt lined base, her right arm resting on her hip, her left holding the hand of the man. She is wearing a split bodice, long dress and apron. The man, his right arm around her shoulder, his left holding her hand. He is wearing a long jacket, neckerchief and trousers. In fantastic condition.

  • A Group Figure of a Theatrical Couple

    Stock no: 000453


    Height: 10 Inches / 26 cm


    Reference: Not yet found


    Price: £120.00


    A fine group figure of a theatrical couple full of Staffordshire colour at its finest

  • A Group Figure of William Shakespeare’s Clock

    Stock No: 000430


    Height: 11 Inches / 28cms


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 130 fig 326


    Price: £350.00.00


     A clock group of William Shakespeare with two women representing Comedy and Tragedy. This is one of the finest group figures the Alpha factory produced.

  • A Lady Brigand

    Stock No: 000312


    Height: 9.5 inches/ 24 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 112, Fig a1404A


    Price: £275.00


    A fine and rare figure of a female brigand holding a pistol in her right hand. She wears a coloured skirt and cobalt blue jacket and has a green scarf wrapped around her head .This figure may be of Fiorella a famous female brigand.

  • A Large Bust of Plato

    Stock No: 000551 


    Height: 14 Inches / 36 cms 


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840 Vol 4, Page 233, Fig 200.42


    Price: £990.00 


    A fine and imposing bust of a bearded Plato . He wears a plum coloured loose shirt and sits on a square black marbelled base. Marked Enoch Wood to the underside in indented capitals. 


  • A Pair of Alpha Figures of Lord Byron & the Maid of Athens

    Stock No: 000499


    Height: 8 inches/ 20 cms


    Reference: Harding book 1 page 43 figs 84 and 85


    Price: £350.00


    A pair of figures of Lord Byron and The Maid of Athens seated above clock faces. Made by the Alpha factory.

  • A Pair of Busts of Heraclitus & Democritus

    Stock No: 000661


    Height: 5.5 Inches / 14 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures Vol 4, Page 233, Figs 200.45 / 200.46


    Price: £1200.00


    A fine small bust of Heraclitus known as the “weeping philosopher ” because he found man’s condition melancholy. The companion bust to Democritus, a Greek philosopher and founder of atomic theory, is known as the “laughing philosopher” because he found man’s condition ridiculous. Possibly attributed to Wood & Caldwell.