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  • A Pastoral Pair by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000511


    Height: 7.5 ” Inches / 19 cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 243, Fig 2099/2100


    Price: £180.00


    A pair of figures of a boy and girl seated on tree stumps on coloured circular bases. He is holding a bird aloft in his left hand and a nest in his right, wearing an open necked shirt, waistcoat, jacket and rumpled knee breeches. She wears a bodice and skirt with an apron. She holds fruit in her left hand and her right rests on a basket of fruit that is on her lap.



  • A Pair of The Prince of Wales & Princess Alexandra of Denmark

    Stock No: 000585


    Height:  9 ” Inches / 23 cms


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 199, Figs 665/666


    Price: £550.00


    A  lovely pair of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark on horseback on titled gilt lined bases with indented capitals, Princess Alexandra to the left is seen with her left hand holding the reins, her right to her side holding a riding crop, wearing a jacket and long dress, the Prince of Wales with his left hand holding the reins, his right resting on the back of a horse, wearing a jacket, neckerchief, waistcoat and trousers.

  • A very fine miniature pastoral couple by Thomas Parr

    Stock No: 000485


    Height: 2.75 inches/ 7 cm


    Price: £90.00


    A very diminuative pair of Thomas Parr figures of a gent in a green coat and a lady wearing a bonnet, both seated on grassy mounds.