A Court Lady Pottery Snuff / Patch Box


Stock No: 001294


Height: 3.25 Inches / 8 cm


Reference: Stella Beddoe A Potted History (Henry Willett’s Ceramic Chronicle of Britain), Page 315 (Similar examples)


Price: POA


A very rare and unusual earthenware Patch or Snuff box in the shape of a Court lady’s head, wearing earrings and an exaggerated hair style combed back and secured with a ribbon tied in a bow, there is also a lace garland that stretches diagonally across her front hairline with a central insignia, this could signify a Royal connection and this piece may well portray Queen Charlotte the wife of King George III. The body appears to be earthenware with overglaze enamel decoration and a pearlware glaze, the screw-threaded ceramic lid cover is a later replacement. A most interesting piece, I have only ever seen one another similar example in the Henry Willett collection, it was created in England, possibly Staffordshire or Leeds c1818, to commemorate Queen Charlotte’s passing.

Current condition: Good, professional invisible repair to hairlines and nose chip, restoration of threaded cover.