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A Fine Recumbent Lion & Lamb (Lloyd Shelton Figure)


Stock No: 002047


Height: 4 Inches / 10 cm


Reference: Myrna Schkolne Holding the Past The William Herbert and Nancy Hunt Collection of Early English Pottery Figures, Page 92, Fig 63


A fine and very rare titled Staffordshire porcelaneous figure of a recumbent lion and lamb figure possibly by John and Rebecca Lloyd of Shelton, thought to be a representation of the Peaceable Kingdom according to the author Stephen Duckworth, in his book Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Religious Figures (Stories on the Mantelpiece), page 103. The other possible inspirational source being, the figure group may have been inspired by the famous lion tamer of the day, Mr Van Ambrugh who trained a lion to lie with the lamb, as described in the biblical texts, this example having the biblical verse inscribed to the front base ‘The young lion shall lie down with the lamb’ Isaiah XI chapter 6-9.  A young Queen Victoria was so enthralled with the act that she attended the Dury Lane performance on two occasions. The quality of John and Rebecca Lloyd figures are exceptional, and their technique with this example of decorating the lion’s mane has never been surpassed. This wonderful example dates to c1838.


Current condition: Very Good, professional invisible restoration to minor ear chip and base hairline, no other damage, repairs, or restoration.