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A Large Pugilist Group Figure Titled ‘R Pratley & Nat Langham’


Stock No: 001828


Height: 13 Inches / 33 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 75, Fig 172


An extremely rare and large group figure of two gentleman boxers, bare knuckle fighting and titled ‘R Pratley & Nat Langham. Fashioned in the same style as the well known smaller group figure of John Heenan and Tom Sayers the pugilists. I have illustrated this large example next to the known smaller groups of Heenan & Sayers for scale, the figure on the left is 9.5 inches high and the figure on the right 9 inches. Here we find them standing bare chested on a titled base with faded gilt script, a roped ring side fence behind, both punching the other with their left fists, wearing shorts and boots. Only one other example of this large version has been recorded, it is in a museum collection and titled ‘Sayers & Heenan’ in gilt script. Nat Langham was the only boxer to have successfully defeated Tom Sayers throughout his career, Sayers winning 15 fights and loosing only one to Langham. I have not been able to locate a boxer by the name of Pratley during the period Nat fought, it may have been incorrectly written by the decorator at the time of manufacture. I believe the figure was possibly made to commemorate Nat Langham’s remarkable win over Sayers in 1853, or produced a few years later to commemorate his passing in 1871.  A good example with sharp detail in the modelling, one of the first out of the mould. This figure has been preserved for future generations having been professionally restored to a very high standard. Made in Staffordshire, England c1853-71. I am delighted to have added this figure to my stock.