A Pair of Very Rare Equestrian Jumpers

A Pair of Very Rare Equestrian Jumpers


Stock No: 001236


Height: 9.25 Inches / 23.5 cm


Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 182, Figs 1950C/1950D


Price: £880.00 (Reserved)


A very fine pair of equestrian figures with two male riders each facing left and right mounted on rearing horses, the front legs of which are resting on a fence they are about to jump. The men are dressed in round hats, shirt, waistcoat, long riding jackets, and trousers with leggings. They hold the reins in one hand. Each is a mirror image of the other. A very rare pair of figures, usually when depicting hunters either a weapon or game are included; as neither are, it is possible that some other pursuit is being portrayed, perhaps an equestrian event such as Lepping. They are in excellent condition. Just superb!!