A Standing Lady Gardener


Stock No: 002090


Height: 8 Inches / 20 cm


Reference: Harding Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1875-1962, Page 112, Fig 4198


Price: £295.00


A figure of a standing woman gardener, wearing a brimmed hat, bodice, jacket and long skirt, holding a pitchfork or garden rake in both hands. This figure is an original c1850 version made by the Thomas Parr factory and is unrecorded in any publication I have been able to find. The only recorded example can be found in Harding’s 1875 to 1962 book, the example he illustrates is a William Kent version that was made much later, c1900 which used the old Thomas Parr master moulds. Our delightful and very rare example is guaranteed authentic mid Victorian, the figure has a professional invisible repair at the neck. Made by the Thomas Parr factory in Staffordshire, England c1850.