A Very Large Figure of Britannia

A Very Large Figure of Britannia


Stock No: 000962


Height: 15 Inches / 38 cm


Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 299, Fig 3341


Price: £1250.00


A very large figure of Britannia seated on a square underglaze black base, wearing a helmet and long flowing dress, her left foot rests on a grassy mound, a lion to her right side, with her left hand resting to her side, her right arm raised holding a trident, a Union Jack shield to her side. A truly monumental figure at 15 inches high, it is fresh out of the mould with sharp features and beautifully decorated, it is in fantastic condition. There are a number of later versions of this figure made by the ‘Kent’ factory. This version is the rare early example, possibly made by Thomas Parr c1854. The trident has been made recently using aged solid brass and a bog oak shaft.