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Charles Macready as Macbeth


Stock No: 001385


Height: 6.75 Inches / 17 cm


Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


A very rare theatrical figure I believe portrays either Charles Macready  or Charles Kean as Macbeth in a production of William Shakespeare‘s play. An original early Victorian Staffordshire figure standing on a round gilt line base of a Scottish Nobel, wearing a plumed hat, gilt lined open necked shirt, kilt with gold belt, tartan socks, and a flowing shoulder scarf or sash across his chest and over his right shoulder, a gold dagger is tucked into his belt. The figure is very good quality with superb detail to the facial features, sharp modelling throughout and very will decorated. The figure has a professional invisible repair to the raised right wrist and some overglaze enamel losses, it dates to c1840-50 and may have been made by John & Rebecca Lloyd of Shelton. The modellers have captured the essence of the character in this portrait; Macbeth’s most admirable trait is bravery, “For brave Macbeth – well he deserves that name”, “O valiant cousin, worthy gentleman”, in Scene 4, “worthiest” and “Like valour’s minion” to convey that Macbeth is bravery’s favourite and extremely courageous. Macbeth is proven to be the ultimate warrior, “brandished”, “carved” and “unseamed”. My attribution is based on a recently discovered half penny coloured print of Macready in the role, these prints were often used as the potters inspiration, please see additional illustration.