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Children with Bat & Ball


Stock No: 001592


Height: 7 Inches / 18 cm


Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


A delightful Staffordshire group figure of a young girl and boy playing with their new toys. The boy on the left is dressed in a tricorn hat, ruffeted shirt, jacket, kilt and pantaloons, they appear to be party clothes, he is holding a spinning stick in his right hand, his left is across the shoulders of his sister/friend. The girl is bare headed, wearing a long-skirted dress, tied at her waist with a belt, in her right hand she holds a decorated ball, her left arm is down to her side and in her hand, she holds a bat. This figure to my knowledge is only one of a few well coloured examples to have been recorded, it dates to c1880 and is in mint perfect original condition.