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Dancing Sailor & Girl


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Height: 6.75 Inches / 17 cm


Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 123, Fig 1547/1547A (Unrecorded)


A fine true pair of dancing sailor and girl holding hats and standing beside barrels. The figure of the girl standing with her legs crossed in a dancing pose; she wears a long sleeved blouse, skirt with pantaloons, and an apron which she holds, together with a hat in her right hand. The pantaloons are frilled at the bottom and by her feet is a barrel. The sailor figure also standing with his legs crossed in a dancing pose; wearing a shirt with necktie, kilt, loose trousers, he holds a money bag in his right hand and a hat in his left which is raised to his waist, an anchor to his back and a barrel at his feet. To my knowledge, this is the only recorded pair known, made in Staffordshire, England c1850.