Death of the Lion Queen (Ellen Bright)


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Height: 15 Inches / 38 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 32, Fig 49


Price: £995.00


A very rare figure of Ellen Bright standing on a titled base with gilt script ‘Death of the Lion Queen,’ wearing a plumed hat, cloak, jacket, skirt, and boots, a tiger to her left with its paw on her waist and to her right a recumbent lion. Ellen was the daughter of John Bright, a bugle player in the George Wombwell’s Menagerie band. Aged only sixteen she became the ‘Lion Queen’ and appeared at Windsor Castle in front of Queen Victoria. On 11 January 1850 she was tragically killed by a tiger mid performance. Following an inquest into her demise the practice of ‘Lion Queens’ was prohibited and only men were allowed to perform. This figure has been professionally invisibly restored, it was made in Staffordshire, England c1850.