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Emily Sandford


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Height: 6 Inches / 15 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 124, Fig 306


A rare figure of Emily Sandford standing on a gilt lined round base, her right hand to her side holding a handkerchief, her left across her waist, wearing a bodice and long dress.

James B. Rush was convicted and executed at Norwich Castle for the notorious 1848 multiple murders at Stanfield Hall near Norwich. Rush was the delinquent tenant farmer of Isaac Jermy, facing eviction due to piling debts, he concocted a devious plot to kill Isaac, his son also called Isaac, his pregnant wife and their servant, planning to divert the blame onto rival claimants to the estate. He shot both Isaacs on the porch and in the hallway of their mansion Stanfield Hall wearing a disguise. The servant Elizabeth Chestney and Mrs Jermy survived, later identifying Rush in court. Rush was relying on his mistress Emily to provide an alibi in court, but she later refused. The figure is in perfect condition, c1848.