F. Bridges Phrenology Head Inkwell


Stock No: 001801


Height: 5.5 Inches / 14 cm


Reference: Phrenology Made Practical by Frederick Bridges.


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A rare pottery Phrenology bust inkwell impressed to the front base “By F. Bridges Phrenologist,” c1850. The base is fashioned as an inkwell and quill holder, it is decorated with overglaze blue enamel highlights and the sections of the head outlined in dark grey. Frederick Bridges, a renowned English phrenologist was author of the book “Phrenology Made Practical”, which was popular enough to have reached several editions. Phrenology is the study of the shape of the skull, which was thought to correlate with specific localized brain functions. It remained popular in Europe and America throughout the 19th century but was shown to be unfounded by Francois Magendie around 1843.

Current condition: One tiny graze to left quill holder, no restoration or repairs.