A Group Figure of William Shakespeare’s Clock


Stock No: 000430


Height: 11 Inches / 28 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 130, Fig 326


Price: £350.00.00


 A clock group figure of William Shakespeare with two women representing Comedy and Tragedy either side of him, a clock face below, Shakespeare stands cross-legged with his left arm leaning on a pillar holding a scroll, his right hand pointing to it, wearing a cloak, doublet, breeches, and stockings. Comedy is seated, wearing a head-scarf, blouse, and long dress, Tragedy is seated holding an open book with both hands, wearing a blouse and a long dress. The source of this figure is ‘The Shakespeare clock’ designed by Bell and modelled in Parian By Mintons Ltd. Exhibited at the Society of Arts Exhibition of British Manufacturers in 1848. An engraving of this figure appeared in the Illustrated London News on the 18th March 1848.  This is one of the finest group figures the Alpha factory produced c1848.