Happy Family (The Fruits of Temperance)


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Height: 5.5  Inches / 14 cm


Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840 Book 4, Page 28, Fig 144.1 (Similar Example)


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A very rare pair of Staffordshire figures depicting an ideal family setting. The two figures portray a father and mother, one with an infant child and the other a small baby. The man is seated well-dressed wearing a necktie, shirt, waistcoat, and breaches, a young child stands on his right knee supported by the father’s right hand, his left arm is raised holding a bunch of grapes which the child is trying to reach. The grapes are possibly emblematic of the pitfalls of drinking from the vine, the child clearly being discouraged. The mother is also seated, well dressed wearing a bonnet, long dress, and overcoat, a well-presented baby is resting on her knee and held securely by both hands. Produced in the late 1820’s early 1830’s to coincide with the expanding temperance movement. The figures may well have been influenced by the Obadiah Sherratt group figure illustrated in Myrna’s book as they are almost identical. Both figures are in perfect condition having no damage, repairs, or restoration.