Maria Foote (The Little Jockey)


Stock No: 001691


Height:  6.25 Inches / 16 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 347, Fig 1311


Price: £550.00


A fine and well-modelled figure of a woman, possibly a portrait of Arinette in ‘The Little Jockey’ originally played by Maria Foote . She is standing on a circular gilt lined base, wearing a jockey’s cap, jacket, waistcoat, jodhpurs, and riding boots, a riding crop in her left hand. The source of this figure is a coloured theatrical portrait print, published by Orlando Hodgson, entitled ‘Miss Foote as the Little Jockey‘. There are many different examples of standing jockeys that were produced throughout the Victorian period, it is my belief that although originally produced as a portrait figure, they continued to be made long after Miss Foote retired from the stage. With the popularity of horse racing increasing, they were also made to reflect this popular sporting activity. The figure is in perfect original condition with no damage, repairs, or restoration, it dates to c1840-45.