Maria Foote (The Little Jockey)

Maria Foote (The Little Jockey)


Stock No: 001085


Height: 6.5 Inches / 16.5 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 347, Fig 1310


Price: £550.00


A fine and well-modelled figure of a woman, possibly a portrait of Maria Foote as Arinette in ‘The Little Jockey’. She is standing on a circular gilt lined base, wearing a jockey’s cap, jacket, waistcoat, jodhpurs, and riding boots, a riding crop raised in her right hand. The source of this figure is a coloured theatrical portrait print, published by Orlando Hodgson, entitled ‘Miss Foote as the Little Jockey‘. The figure dates to c1830-35. The riding crop is a later addition, a hole in her right hand is fashioned as part of the modelling and would have had a prop originally.