Mr Pickwick


Stock No: 001743


Height: 8 Inches / 20 cm


Reference: Audrey Dudson & Alison Morgan, Dudson Staffordshire Figures c1815-c1865, Page 44, Fig 60


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A superb example of an original Dudson Victorian Staffordshire figure at its best. Mr Pickwick standing on a well coloured gilt scrolled square base, with his right hand raised, his left behind his back, wearing a jacket, waistcoat, a monocle on a chain, and trousers. Published in twenty monthly parts from 1837-1838, ‘The Pickwick Papers‘ became one of Charles Dickens most popular works and inspired the Staffordshire potters to create many of Dickens’s character’s in clay. This example can be accurately dated to c1838 and is in perfect original condition.