Paul & Virginia


Stock No: 001500


Height:  8 Inches / 20 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 323, Figs 1182/1183


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A rare pair of figures standing on rococo style bases of Paul and Virginia, Paul wearing a jacket, shirt, neckerchief, and loose trousers, a sash around his waist and holding a straw boater in his right hand. Virginia, moulded in the same style base is wearing a knee length dress with a shawl around her shoulders, her right arm raised to her chin and her left to her side, her legs crossed. Harding suggests there is evidence that the figure of Paul is played by Elizabeth Vestris, as the hair and facial features are feminine and even though the production was revived over the next twenty years, Vestris was the only notable actress to perform the part. Both figures are in excellent condition with no damage, repairs, or restoration, minor enamel flakes, c1850.