Royal Children on Ponies


Stock No: 001790


Height: 7.5 Inches / 19 cm


Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 168, Fig 2375/2376


Price: £395.00


A pair of figures of a boy and girl mounted on horses, both wearing plumed hats and sashes, each holding a flag in one hand and the reins in the other. He wears a shirt, split jacket, and kilt. She is similarly dressed with skirt rather than a kilt. Another example of this pair are known with slight alterations, the flags are positioned over their shoulders and they each hold instruments, a drum for the boy and a tambourine for the girl.  This rare and unusual pair could possibly portray two of the Royal children. Made in Staffordshire, England c1850, one with a professional invisible repair to the base chip.