Savoyard & Dancing Bear

Savoyard & Dancing Bear


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Height: 9 Inches /23 cm


Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840 Vol 3, Page 7, Fig 111.13



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A superb English Staffordshire pottery figure group of a standing Savoyard with his performing bear and lion. This popular Pearlware figure is well modelled and decorated in bright enamel colours. These figures are usually produced with a lion or monkey standing in the centre. Several potters made groups portraying a dancing bear and Savoyard, the small lion (in reality is a dog dressed in costume). The same theme recurs in contemporary art of the day by the artist and caricaturist Henry Bunbury. For those wanting to learn more about these performing animal groups, please read chapter 11 of, Myrna Schkolne’s ‘People, Passions, Pastimes, and Pleasures’ Staffordshire Figures 1810-1835.

Staffordshire pearlware c1815-20. Attributed to the Patriotic Group.

We have at the time of printing, two almost identical Savoyard and dancing bear groups available, both have been together as a pair for over 200 years.

Current Condition: Some good professional restoration.