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School Boys Playing Marbles


Stock No: 001900


Height: 4.5 Inches / 11.5 cm


Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


A superb diminutive early Victorian figure group of two school boys playing marbles. Fashioned as a spill vase, this piece shows the boys kneeling down before a branching tree spill vase, the boy on the left in the process of taking his turn, he holds a coloured marble in each hand, wearing a  large hat, waistcoat, jacket, and trousers, his school folder rests against the base of the tree. The other boy waits his turn, a circled ring on the ground before him contains several marbles, wearing a cap, waistcoat, jacket, and trousers, a pile of books rest on the floor to his side. A quite remarkable original Staffordshire figure at its best, superb modelling, excellent overglaze enamel decoration, and gilding. This figure is in perfect condition, made in Staffordshire, England c1840.