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The Finest Equestrian Musicians


Stock No: 001803


Height: 11.5 Inches / 29 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 411, Figs 1650/1651


A superb original pair of Victorian Staffordshire figures of a boy and girl on horseback, he is holding a set of bagpipes in both hands, wearing a plumed hat, scarf, tunic, kilt, and sporran, her left arm is raised to her head holding a tambourine, her right arm on her chest, wearing a bodice, scarf, and skirt. These figures are commonly found sparsely coloured, these are an exception. This is the only known original true pair with both underglaze blue and rich overglaze enamels, they are in perfect condition. They are the actual figures that were photographed for the illustration in Harding’s first book and have great provenance. Made in Staffordshire, England c1860.


Provenance: From the collection of the late Mr Harry Ryans.