The Leap Frog


Stock No: 001580


Height: 14 Inches / 36 cm


Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 139, Fig 2200


Price: £1200.00


A superb and very rare example of an original Victorian Staffordshire figure affectionately known as ‘The Leap Frog’. A large spill vase group figure of a small school boy seated on another boy’s shoulders with his hands on his head, both are wearing a jacket, waistcoat, open necked shirt, scarf, and trousers, their hats are on the ground, a large tree is to their left and a school writing slate is standing against it, there is a small fence either side. One of the most splendid of all figures produced in the Potteries, it conjures up the joy’s of youth by capturing a snap shot in time of Victorian boys at play. This rare figure is in mint perfect condition, crisply moulded with an abundance of colour, both underglaze blue and overglaze enamels, it is stunning.  Current condition: It has no damage, repairs, or restoration and was made c1850’s.





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