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Let me introduce you to our new category, ‘Wanted‘. I hope to use this platform from time to time to locate particular pieces of Victorian and pre-Victorian Staffordshire figures I would like to add to my stock.

Please get in touch if you have a similar piece or set you would like to sell.




We are interested in purchasing any of the figures illustrated here, from single pair groups to lone standing little or large cricketers.

Singles or a full set of three of the Victorian spill vase figures, there is a bowler, wicket keeper, and batsman. The bowler is dressed in top hat, tie, shirt and trousers, with a jacket to his side. He is holding a cricket ball in his right hand, his left to his side. The wicket keeper, standing behind the stumps, his jacket to his side. The batsman, standing to the left of the stumps is holding a bat.

The very rare garniture of Victorian Staffordshire pottery spill vase figures are unusual in so far as the cricketers are raised in relief from the body of the spill and form part of it. There are no separate moulds used in the manufacture.

The sources of these figures were three Pratt ware jugs, which were similarly made with the figures raised from the body of the pot. The jugs and figures may have been inspired by illustrations which appeared in ‘The Illustrated London News‘ on the 22nd July 1843. These illustrations included images of Pilch, Box, and Lillywhite or W. Clark. The jugs were titled with the names of the bowler W. Clark, the batsman Fuller Pilch, and the wicket keeper Thomas Box. The spill vase figures have never been found titled, they are all approximately 7 inches high and date to c1843.


Please get in touch if you have any cricketer or cricket related figures for sale, a single, pair, or all three of the garniture figures, I am prepared to make a very fair offer.


Damon Revans-Turner

RTS Antiques


Please be aware, recently a late fake version of one of these figures was being offered for sale on an online auction house, it was withdrawn from sale,

If you require an image, please contact us.



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