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William Shakespeare’s Othello & Iago


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Height: 12 Inches / 30 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 293, Fig 1067


 A  group figure of William Shakespeare’s Othello & Iago. The two men are standing on a titled base with raised black capitals, Othello is wearing a turban and long robe, he has a sash over his right shoulder and around his waist, Iago is wearing an ermine lined cloak with a banded tunic and pantaloons, holding a plumed hat in his left hand, his right arm raised and pointing to Othello’s shoulder. This is a rare group in fantastic condition. The illustration is by artist Solomon Alexander Hart, he was a British 19th Century painter who was born in 1806. He painted this picture in 1855 and it could well be the source for the figure.