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William Wilberforce


Stock No: 001480


Height:  10.5 Inches / 17 cm


Reference: Pugh, Page I617, Plate 23, Fig 59


A fine figure group of an unidentified man and child. The man is standing bare-headed, wearing a long coat, breeches, stockings and shoes. He is dressed in eighteenth century costume. His left is round the shoulders of a small girl wearing a cloak, blouse, skirt, stockings and shoes. His right forearm rests on what appears to be a chimneystack surmounted by a cowl or turned lidded urn. In front is a spade, pick and an object which has been identified as a ‘coal harness’. A figure that is possibly connected to the coal mining industry. According to Pugh, it has been an idea for many years that this group figure portrays William Wilberforce, the English philanthropist, whose Bill for the abolition of the slave-trade was eventually passed, receiving the royal assent in 1807. This figure is in original condition with no damage, restoration, or repairs. It dates to around c1857, perhaps produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the Bill passing royal assent.



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