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Young Lady with Bird (Juliet)


Stock No: 000988


Height: 6 Inches / 15 cm


Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


An extraordinarily rare and fine example of a standing lady holding a bird to her chest. The figure is standing on an unusual scrolled and decorated base, she is wearing a bodice and double skirted dress, both arms are raised to her chest, in her arms, she gently caresses a bird. This figure is very similar to a very rare recorded figure of Juliet, from Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet (see Harding Book 1, Page 293, Fig 1069 and illustration number 5). The source of that figure is from the Tallis Shakespeare Gallery engravings, inscribed ‘Miss Vandenhoff as Juliet.’

I believe this figure could possibly represent a scene from the play, it is where Juliet compares her love for Romeo using the symbolism of a bird,  Act 2, Scene 2, that ends in the now-famous words “ Parting is such sweet sorrow“. The similarities between the stance, theatrical emphasis and the clothes she is wearing are almost identical. The figure is in mint condition.