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Zebra & Wolf


Stock No: 000284


Height:  9.5 Inches / 24 cm


Reference: This figure has never been recorded before to the authors knowledge.


​A very rare and possibly unrecorded model of a wolf attacking a zebra.
High quality restorations to ears of wolf.

This fantastic Victorian Staffordshire figure of a large zebra being attacked by an equally large wolf is an exciting find for us here at RTS Antiques. We are passionate about all things Staffordshire, we search the world over to find the best examples of Victorian Staffordshire ornaments for our stock, to have found this very rare and quite possibly unique example makes our job so much fun. We have no doubt that there would have been a pair to this figure made at the same time C 1860 when it was first produced, whether it has survived the years is yet to be proved, but for now, and for the thrill of the chase, the hunt continues !!