• (William) Billy Waters

    Stock no: 000404


    Height: 8.5 ” Inches / 22 cm


    Reference; Harding, Book 1, page 307, fig 1127


    A very rare and fine figure of Billy Waters standing with peg leg on a stepped square base. He holds a fiddle in his left hand while wearing a plumed hat.

  • RTS Staffordshire Pottery Figures | Pottery Figures | Woman and rabbitsRTS Staffordshire Pottery Figures | Collectable Pottery Figures | Woman and Rabbits

    A Pastoral Pair with Rabbits

    Stock No: 000418


    Height: 4″ Inches / 10 cm


    Reference: Probably unrecorded


    Description: An Unusual pair of ink wells with children and little rabbits.



  • A black and white seated spaniel

    Stock No: 000028


    Height: 7.5 inches/19.1cm


    Reference: Unrecorded at this size


    A black and white seated spaniel with a flower basket in its mouth

  • A Delightful Pearlware Milkmaid Group

    Stock No: 000561


    Height: 5 ” Inches / 13 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840, Volume 1, Page 231, Fig 28.48


    A good early pearlware milkmaid with cow. Well modelled, this cow was produced by the Staffordshire potters at the beginning of the 19th century.
    This piece is full of colour and charm, the cow shown here standing on a decorative base, well modelled and being milked by a seated milkmaid girl. The original bocage has been lost at some time but well hidden.

  • A Fabulous Pearlware Figure of a Girl Holding a Chicken

    Stock No: 000431


    Height: 7 inches/17 cms


    A very fine pearlware figure of a rural farm girl holding a small chicken.

  • A Fabulous Pearlware Recumbent Hound

    Stock No: 000488


    Height: 4″ Inches / 10 cm




    An fine early pearlware collared hunting dog (probably a setter) on a green base.

  • A Figure of a dancing Gentleman

    Stock no: 000454


    Height: 7.25″ Inches / 18.5 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 3, page 126, fig a1551C


    A fine figure of a dancing gentleman holding a flower in his left hand while tipping his hat in the other.

  • A girl riding a zebra

    Stock No: 000072


    Height: 6.75 inches/17.1cm


    Reference: Harding Book 2 page 172 fig 2413


    A figure of a girl riding a zebra

  • A Hen Egg Crock

    Stock No: 000483


    Height: 9″ inches / 23 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 2 page 231 figure 2828




    A well coloured hen sitting on a nest basket.

  • A Large Early C19th Figure of the Dandies

    Stock No: 000423


    Height: 8.5 ” Inches 22 cm


    Reference: English Earthenware Figures, Pat Halfpenny, page 193, Fig 51


    A large and imposing early nineteenth century figure of the Dandies with overglaze enamel painted decoration, c.1810-30. Fresh to the market and in superb condition.

  • A Large Seated Greyhound or Whippet

    Stock No: 000023


    Height: 12 inches/30.5cm


    Reference: Harding Victorian Staffordshire Dogs page 82 figure 2641


    A very fine Thomas Par figure of a seated grey greyhound or whippet on a rocky mound with a dead hare at its feet.

    This is a fantastic example of a Thomas Parr Victorian Grey hound figurine from the Thomas Parr families of potters.

  • A Large Standing ( Disraeli) Greyhound

    Stock No: 000410


    Height: 10.75″ Inches / 28cm


    Reference: Pope A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs, Page 43, Fig 3


    A large single white and black standing greyhound with a rabbit in its mouth on a turquoise base. These dogs became known as Disraeli dogs because of the black curls on the top of their heads and were probably produced during the time he was prime minister.