The New Collector

We are very keen to help those who are either new to collecting Staffordshire figures or want some help in adding to an existing small collection. Staffordshire figures are a great deal less expensive in general than they were 10 or 15 years ago . That seems one very good reason to start collecting now and before prices move up again as they surely will as the figures come back into fashion and become older and more scarce. What should you collect ? There is no right or wrong here. Some people collect figures that belong to a particular genre for example royalty, theatrical or animals whilst others might choose to have no particular theme in their collection but simply to have figures in it that suit their home decoration and which are a joy to live with. Finally you might choose to collect the earlier figures rather than those which would be called Victorian. Probably the cardinal rule is always to be careful what you buy and buy the best you can afford. It is fair to say that unrestored figures are scarce and so you should not be afraid of restoration provided it has been undertaken sympathetically.

Amongst our stock you will find a number of figures that are reasonably priced and for a new collector would all be great representatives of the Staffordshire potters.


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