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Damon Revans-Turner

Damon lives with his wife Helen in Liverpool. He has 5 sons.

Damon is a master cabinet maker by trade and he uses these skills in his antique furniture restoration and bespoke cabinet making business.

Although Damon’s family roots are in the north east of England he spent a good deal of his youth in Chester, a city renowned for its wonderful half-timbered architecture and which 30 years ago was awash with antique shops. It is here that Damon spent many hours talking to and getting to know the many dealers in that City and learning much of what he now knows about Staffordshire pottery and in particular Victorian Staffordshire figures. He has been collecting for more than 30 years and has a passion for figures made by the Alpha factory which existed for only a very few years ( 1840 -1853 ). The Alpha potters had a reputation for making very well modelled figures all with very similar characteristic features. Over the years Damon has built up an enviable collection of Alpha figures but he still manages to finds new additions each year to add to that collection. Many of his newer figure bear those unmistakeable Alpha features but are unrecorded.