A Delightful Pearlware Tithe Pig Group Figure


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Height: 8.25 Inches / 21 cm


Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Vol 2, Page 248, Fig 108.14


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A fine Staffordshire pottery pearlware glazed bocage figure of the Pig Tithe c1820 Staffordshire England. This finely modeled and decorated example has a rich variety of quality enamel colours. The figure depicts Farmer Hob ( holding a pig )and his wife (holding newborn child) meeting the local vicar. The church rented land, and the common practice was to levy a “tythe” as part of the rent. This practise was very tough on the poor, and there was a national feeling that it should be abolished. The group captures the moment when Hob’s wife offers the baby as part of their produce and states, “If you do not take the child, there will be no handing over of the pig.” Hence the somewhat startled expression on the clergyman’s face. The practice of imposing a tythe was eventually replaced by other means such as ground rent. This especially pretty example has professional restoration to the ends of several tree bocage leaves and flower heads, the restoration was caried out by the restorer to the Royal family.