A Fine Seated Albert & Victoria


Stock No: 001671


Height: 7 Inches / 18cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 170, Figs 485/486


Price: £495.00


A rare pair of figures of Victoria and Albert seated on square gilt lined bases, Victoria with both hands resting in her lap, her right foot resting on a cushion, wearing a crown, ermine edged clock and long dress. Albert with his right hand resting on his leg, his left resting on his hip, wearing an ermine edged cloak, tunic and trousers, a sash across his chest and waist. These figures can be found in three different sizes this pair being the larger size. Both figures have minor repairs that have been done to a very high standard, a chip to Victoria’s crown and Alberts neck.  The figures were made in Staffordshire, England c1840.