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A Harvester Gentleman & Scythe


Stock No: 001826


Height:  7 Inches / 18 cm


Reference: Myrna Schkolne Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Vol 1, Page 228, Fig 28.35


A lovely pearlware figure of a male harvester with bocage, made by John Walton, this example shows a male standing in front of a tree, he is holding a scythe under his left shoulder and holds a water keg in his right hand, wearing a wide brimmed hat, tight fitted jacket, breaches, and stockings. The figure is modelled standing on a green coloured base with a stream running to his left and right. This piece has a for batch bocage and the Walton mark to the rear base, indented into a raised ribbon scroll. Made in Staffordshire, England c1820. The figure has professional invisible restoration to two bocage branches and lower scythe.