A Middle Eastern Couple


Stock No: 001501


Height:  9 Inches / 23 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 363, Figs 1384/1385


Price: £295.00


A pair of figures of a man and woman standing by a tree trunk on coloured bases, possibly portraying Zuleika and Giaffier, a dramatized version of Byron‘s Play “The Bride Of Abydos” Act 1 Scene 1, he with his right hand holding a pipe, his left resting on his chest, wearing a turban, cloak, tunic, and pantaloons, a sash around his waist, she is holding a fan in her right hand, her left resting by her waist, wearing a turban, blouse, skirt, and pantaloons, a sash around her waist. To date no source for these figures has been found, they are probably theatrical figures that represent one of many popular stage performances of the 1850’s. They are both in original condition with no damage, restoration, or repairs and are a product of the Thomas Parr factory.