A Pair of Very Rare Equestrian Hunters

A Pair of Very Rare Equestrian Hunters


Stock No: 000998


Height: 8.5 Inches / 21 cm


Reference: A. N. Harding Second Addendum, Page 182, Figs 1951/1952


Price: £660.00


A very fine pair of equestrian huntsmen, they are mirror images of each other, a perfect pair, they sit astride their horses holding the reins in one hand and a hunting horn in the other, wearing a cap, long jacket, and trousers with boots; they are truncated versions of figures 1949/1950 in Harding book 2, page 83. The huntsmen are identical, but the hunt has gone and has been replaced by a small bridge over a stream. These pair are extremely rare and this to our knowledge is only the third pair to have been discovered. They are in mint perfect condition with no damage, repairs or restoration. Just superb!!



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