A Rare English Pottery Hand Stirrup Cup

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A Rare English Pottery Hand Stirrup Cup


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Height: 6.5 Inches /16.5 cm


Reference: A Potted History (Henry Willett’s Ceramic Chronicle of Britain) Stella Beddoe, Page 286, Cup, (1401)


An extraordinarily rare and fine stirrup cup moulded as a human hand, clenched in a soft fist. Possibly Staffordshire or North-East manufacture c.1800 creamware with an underglaze blue rim.


Outside of the Willet collection, I have only ever seen one other, that example had underglaze orange on a creamware ground. This one is in excellent condition.


The example shown in Stella Beddoe‘s book is a mirror image of ours. This may be photographic licence or possibly they were produced left and right-handed. I highly recommend her book, it is both informative and packed with plenty of juicy pictures!!