An Exceptionally Rare Leopard & Dog

An Exceptionally Rare Leopard & Dog


Stock No: 000775


Height: 3.25 Inches / 8.3 cm


Reference: Apparently Unrecorded


Price: £1650.00


An exceptionally rare standing leopard and fighting dog on a stepped gilt decorated base. The leopard stands on all fours with a raised left paw fending off a terrier dog that appears to be attacking the leopard. Possibly attributed to the Lloyds of Shelton factory c1840. In lovely condition.

John and Rebecca Lloyd were master potters.

A quote from  Anthony Oliver’s book Staffordshire Pottery The Tribal Art Of England, chapter 6 and the final paragraph;

“Even though their style and material was different the Lloyds, like Sherratt before them,
were the true chroniclers of the lives of ordinary people in England.
Their world was the pub and the travelling menagerie in a land where lovers were sailors
and village girls, not Venus kneeling in a shell with Cupid.
They may have been a bit heavy-handed with the gilding on some of their figures
but at least they knew where they lived.
There is no doubt that John and Rebecca Lloyd, together with some of their unrecorded contemporaries, made some of the finest
and most neglected figures ever to come out of Staffordshire”.