Gellert Pocket Watch Holder


Stock No: 001142


Height: 11 Inches / 28 cm


Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 298, Fig a3345A


Price: £395.00 (RESERVED)


A pocket watch-holder group figure of the dog Gellert and Prince Llewellyn’s son with a dead wolf.  Welsh folk law tells the tale of Gellert the loyal and faithful hound belonging to Prince Llewellyn. He returns to his son’s room to find Gellert covered in blood and no sign of his infant son. He immediately draws his sword and slays his faithful hound only then to find the dead wolf with the infant child beneath it. Llewellyn never recovers from guilt having killed his dog who had fought off the attacking wolf. This example is in excellent condition having only minor rubbing to the overglaze enamels. It was made in Staffordshire c1860.