Herbert Read ” Staffordshire Pottery “


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Height: 11.25 x 9 Inches /29 x 23 cm


Reference: Herbert Read Staffordshire Pottery


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Herbert Read ” Staffordshire Pottery.  A lovely compendium of the ceramics of the Staffordshire potteries. The Staffordshire Potteries became a centre of ceramic production in the 17th century, due to the local availability of clay, salt, lead and coal. Hundreds of companies produced decorative or industrial ceramic items. Potteries active in the 19th century and still active today include Aynsley, Burleigh, Doulton, Dudson, Heron Cross, Minton, Moorcroft, Twyford, and Wedgwood. With 70 full-page black and white plates and a further six lovely plates in full colour. Figures include “The Fortune-Teller”, “Bust of Neptune”, “Grotesque Figure on an Ox”, and ” A Leaping Stag”. First edition.

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