Miniature Equestrian Victoria & Albert


Stock No: 001204


Height:  4.5 Inches / 11 cm


Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 52, Fig a506A/a506B


Price: £475.00


A rare pair of figures of Albert and Victoria on horseback, Albert with his left hand holding the horse’s mane, his right arm resting on his leg, wearing a plumed hat, tunic with epaulettes, and trousers, a sash around his waist. Victoria is seated side saddle with her left hand holding the reins, wearing a hat with a head scarf and long riding dress. These figures were made at the Dudson factory, Staffordshire, England c1845, both are in very good condition. They can also be found in a larger size of 7.5 inches, at the time of writing we hold the larger single figure of Victoria.