Miss Vandenhoff as Juliet


Stock No: 001640


Height: 7.75 Inches / 20 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 293, Fig 1069


Price: POA


A very rare figure of Juliet standing bareheaded on a gilt lined circular base, her left hand raised to her chest, her right resting by her side, wearing a bodice and double skirted dress, well coloured, modelled, and decorated in the round. The source that inspired the potters to make this and other William Shakespeare characters come from a set of prints made by John Tallis, this particular engraving is inscribed ‘Miss Vandenhoff as Juliet’, see illustration.  A very rare figure to find, this piece and its pair are described in Harding’s book as the only known examples, I am happy to have discovered another Juliet. This figure is in original perfect condition having no damage, repairs, or restoration. Made in Staffordshire, England c1852 by the Thomas Parr potter, maker of some of the finest figures to have come out of the potteries at this time.