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Old Parr


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Height: 9.5 Inches / 24 cm


Reference: Harding Book 2, Page 293, Fig 3323


​A portrait figure of a bearded man wearing a cloak, long jacket, shirt, and knee breeches, he carries a basket of flowers in his left hand and his right rests on rock-work. This figure represents Thomas Parr who was reputed to be the oldest man in England. Having been born in 1483, at the age of 152 in 1635 he was brought to London by the Earl of Arundel and presented to King Charles I, he died soon after and was buried in Westminster Abbey. In Victorian times quack medicines were much in vogue, and a product on the market was ‘Parrs Life Pills’ it may be that this figure was made in conjunction with these. The figure is in perfect condition, a very fine example.