The Game Bag Spill Vase

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The Game Bag Spill Vase


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Height:  8.25 Inches / 21 cm


Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 148, Fig a1807A


A pearlware spill vase figure of ‘The Game Bag’, which is hanging on the branch of a tree. A dead rabbit or hare and four dead birds, a mallard, pheasant, and others surround the tree. Another example of this very rare and unusual spill vase group has been found incised on the underside “Thomas Smith made this on the 7th January 1832” . It may have been inspired by a French bronze figure by Pierre-Jules Mene of a dog seated beside a tree trunk, decorated with a brace of rabbits and a brace of pheasants.

Current Condition: Very Good, professional invisible restoration to chips and overglaze enamel flakes.