The Prince of Wales in the Queens Pony Chair

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The Prince of Wales in the Queens Pony Chair


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Height: 8.75 Inches / 22.5 cm


Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 189, (Unrecorded)


A fabulous Staffordshire previously unrecorded figure of the Prince of Wales on a titled oblong base with raised gold capitals, the Prince seated in the Queen’s pony chair which is drawn between two long shafts, with his left hand holding the reins, his right in his lap, wearing a plumed hat, kilt, and shirt with sash. This figure has never been illustrated in any of the reference books so fare published. It is in excellent condition and dates to c1857.

Both Pugh and Harding failed to find an example to pair with the corresponding figure of Princess Royal which had already been found, see book reference.

I am very pleased to have discovered it!!

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