Very Rare Tennis Player

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Very Rare Tennis Player


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Height: 9 Inches / 23 cm


Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


A very rare and previously unrecorded late Victorian figure of a female tennis player. Standing with a ball in her right hand that is held to her waist, her left hand is holding a stringed racket which is down to her side, wearing a summer hat, blouse and skirt, a belt is around her waist, and she wears flat shoes.

This very unusual Victorian Staffordshire figure is in perfect original condition, with no damage repairs or restoration. It was probably made by Lancaster & Sons, c1899 at their Dresden works, Hanley, Staffordshire. The modelling bares a striking resemblance to figures already known to originate from this manufacturer, see A.N. Harding Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1875-1962, page 41 Figures 4003P and 4005P/4006P.

Current Condition: No damage, restoration or repairs, crazed throughout and slight rubbing to the bright gold.